The deadline has expired.

We have received an overwhelming response to the call for workshop proposals, with almost 50 proposals submitted.
The workshop program is currently elaborated to involve most of the contributions and will be published beginning of February 2018.


The GBS2018 agenda proposes three breakout sessions each of which could host up to four parallel workshops (12 workshops in total). Based on the experience of the GBS2015 and a number of requests already received, the organizers have decided to launch a call for workshop proposals to allow the widest possible participation.  

Workshop organizers will be responsible for defining the concept, the topics to be discussed and for inviting speakers. In addition, the conference secretariat manages a list of speakers and will assign these experts to suitable  workshops. The GBS2018 organization will provide the facilities, participant logistics and standard materials required.  

Organizational framework  

  • Workshop duration: 1 h 30 min
  • Participants: 30 – 70 people
  • Room setup: according to your specification, e. g. video projector, high-desks, groups of chairs, side tables
  • Workshop materials: according to your specification, e. g. moderation kits, flipcharts, microphones

Possible workshop topics

A list of key topics for GBS2018 is provided in the submission form.   

Submission of workshop proposals  

If you are interested in submitting a workshop proposal, please fill in the submission form with all the details required.  
The deadline for submission is Friday, 15 December, 2017. The proposal should be sent as a single file via e-mail to the following address:  
All entries received within the specified deadline will be evaluated by an Organizing Committee, which will be composed of representatives from the German Bioeconomy Council and the International Advisory Council of the GBS2018. The committee will select up to 12 workshop proposals to be held at the GBS2018. 

Assessment criteria:  

  • Global relevance and consistency with the identified key topics
  • Diversity of speakers’ professional, geographical and institutional background
  • Interactivity and opportunities for participation
  • Formal requirements  

Workshop abstracts will be published in the Conference Proceedings and on the GBS2018 website. They will also be covered in the GBS2018 report.  

Timeline of workshop preparation and organization  

  • Proposal submission deadline: 15 December, 2017
  • Notification of selection:  5 January, 2018
  • Publication of workshop agendas on the GBS Website: 15 January, 2018

Please address all questions and submissions to the Secretariat of the German Bioeconomy Council: