Anja Karliczek

Federal Minister of Education and Research


How will we feed a growing world population? How will we supply the world with energy and raw materials? How do we react to climate change? The bioeconomy can help us to master these challenges. We must use renewable resources, biological knowledge and biotechnological processes to establish a biobased – and above all sustainable – economy. Research, development and innovation provide the basis for “green” innovations.

The bioeconomy is gaining ground all over the world. Every region has different priorities depending on the conditions which prevail. The second Global Bioeconomy Summit aims to support the exchange between these regions. We must make use of regional strengths and unite them on the global level because the shift to a sustainable bioeconomy is a global task. It requires close and efficient international cooperation. This applies in particular with regard to the ambitious goals of securing the global food supply.

The German Federal Government decided early on to pursue a research and policy strategy which aims to move swiftly to a biobased economy. We are championing a common global bioeconomy agenda to secure our own future and that of the generations to come. I extend a warm welcome to all the conference attendees and guests in Berlin and wish you inspiring talks and many interesting insights.

Anja Karliczek, MdB
Federal Minister of Education and Research