Youth Art Competition

The GBS 2018 art competition has concluded, and we are proud to present the three winners!

Picture © Tali Teper
Picture © Alexis Styliano
Picture © Alex Giurca

Tali Teper is a 24-year-old visual communication student at the Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design in Jerusalem. She specializes in art direction, illustration, motion design, interactive and concept design. In Summer 2017, she took part in a student exchange program at BTK – Art & Design in Berlin, which is part of the University of Applied Sciences Europe. Ms. Teper is currently living and working in Jerusalem, Israel.

My name is Alexis Stylianou and I come from Cyprus. For as long as I can remember, I’ve always had a passion for painting and drawing. I went to an English-speaking high school and graduated in 2013. For the next two years I served in the Cypriot Army. After finishing my military service, I moved to Berlin to study. I spent a year learning German before starting my studies in Visual Communications at the University of Applied Sciences Europe and I am currently in my fourth semester. My studies provide me with the scope to grow creatively and experiment with different kinds of media.

Alex Giurca is a PhD student within the BBW ForWerts Graduate Program and works for the Forest and Environmental Policy Group at the University of Freiburg (Germany). Before coming to Freiburg in 2015 he studied, worked in and hiked around many forests in Finland, Sweden, Brazil, and Romania. His main interests are in the area of forest policy and economics, extending from legality verification, international timber trade and forest certification to technology innovation. Other interests include exploring new and innovative ways of communicating science. When he is not researching about the bioeconomy, he procrastinates and draws funny cartoons.


The Competition  

The overall purpose of the Youth Competition was to involve young people from around the world in the Global Bioeconomy Summit 2018 (GBS2018) and to gather their visions of a future bioeconomy. With this in mind, students were invited to submit creative contributions in the form of illustrations and the results of the competition were exhibited during the GBS2018.


Students were invited to submit an entry that addresses one of the following questions:  
1. What is your vision of a future bioeconomy?
2. How would you like to live in the future and how would bioeconomy contribute?  
3. How will the bioeconomy contribute to coping with global challenges in your direct living environment?  

Selection Process  

All entries received were be evaluated by a jury. The jury was composed of:

  • art and design expert --> Prof. Hans Baltzer - Illustrator,  Art Professor,
  • representatives from the German Bioeconomy Council
    --> Dr. Holger Zinke - Bioeconomy P​ioneer and Entrepreneur, Arts Sponsor
    --> Prof. Dr. Hannelore Daniel - Nutrition and Food Scientist, University Professor
    --> its Secretariat Christin Fund,
  • young bioeconomy scientist --> Helen Berga Paulos - junior researcher.  

Entries were judged based on the following criteria:   

  • content (thematic consistency, understanding of the bioeconomy concept)
  • innovation, originality, and creativity
  • formal requirements