The Great Convergence: Digitalisation, Biologicalisation and the Future of Manufacturing


Parallel Workshops III, 20th April, 11:00 - 13:00 / Track: "Industry"



  • Alexander Sauer, Leiter Ressourceneffiziente Produktion, Fraunhofer IPA, Stuttgart
  • Gerry Byrne, Professor of Mechanical Engineering at University College Dublin


Bio-intelligent value adding bears potential for disruptive innovations in manufacturing. As a possible combination of the digital and biological transformation it may severely change the design and handling of production processes and its products. Within this workshop we present latest findings of two recent studies: (1) a major Fraunhofer analysis on possible scenarios, fields of action, potentials, and demand of a biological transformation of the manufacturing industry through an interactive sounding board approach plus (2) a groundbreaking review from the International Academy for Production Engineering (College International pour la Recherche en Productique, CIRP) introducing the principle of biological transformation in engineering.

Key topics

Converging technologies, bio-intelligent manufacturing, value adding systems, sustainability, paradigm shift

Expected outcome

Validation of potential and global perspective of bio-intelligent value adding in the manufacturing sector