What works and why - successful implementations of industrial bioeconomy


Parallel Workshops I, 19th April, 12:45 - 14:45 / Track: Industry



    • Yoshiyuki Fujishima, Director Strategic Planning Department, Japan Bioindustry Association, Temporary NEDO Expert
    • Matthias Braun, Vice President Sanofi-Aventis and Chair of the Board of the German Association of Biotechnology Industries DIB



    The bioeconomy is of strategic importance to the chemical, pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry – within a sustainable growth strategy. But, an existing economy cannot be simply changed overnight into a bio-based economy. The workshop aims at highlighting examples of successful realizations of bio-based manufacturing which may serve as models for different industry sectors and encourage shift from fossil based to bio-based manufacturing. Three main questions will be addressed by the speakers: What worked and why did it work? What obstacles needed to be overcome? Which framework conditions have to be in place to encourage bio-based manufacturing? The speakers come from a broad range of different industry sectors, representing the chemical, pharmaceutical and plastics industry, including an expert for early-phase R&D cooperation and financing. The subsequent panel and plenary discussion will provide the opportunity to discuss the insights provided by the speakers in greater depth.